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Gift Vouchers

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Are gift cards available or only electronic gift vouchers?
Gift vouchers are only available in electronic format. You can choose to send a gift voucher by e-mail direct to the recipient simply enter their e-mail address when prompted or choose to have a PDF of the gift voucher e-mailed to yourself for printing at home to give to the recipient in person.
Do gift vouchers have an expiry date?
All gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue (not the date they are given to the recipient). The expiry date is clearly marked on each voucher. If vouchers are not used before the 12-month period expires, the funds on the gift voucher will be lost and will not be redeemable.
Does the gift voucher recipient need an e-mail address?
Yes all customers need an e-mail address. Legislation requires us to ensure that if you make on order on, you are kept up to date on the order process and informed of any transactions or orders that you make. In order to do this, we need an e-mail address. We will never pass your e-mail address to any third party, unless we have your express permission so your security is guaranteed.
Can a gift voucher be returned?
No gift vouchers can't be returned but they can be cancelled within 7 days. Please see the full gift voucher terms and conditions for more information.