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General enquiries

How can I contact you?
Who do I contact if I have an enquiry about an order?
How do I find things on the site?
Do I need to create an account with
Why do you need my e-mail address to process my order? What is it used for?
I have a specific question about a product, what shall I do?
How long will delivery take?
Is your site secure?

My orders

I received a message saying my payment needs verifying. Has my order been successful?
If an error page appears, how do I know if my order has been successful?
When will my order be despatched?
Can I track my order?
Can I see my purchase history?
I've forgotten my password, what shall I do?


How long will my order take?
Can I get next-day delivery?
How do I arrange next-day delivery?
How much does it cost?

Payment processing

What payment methods do you accept?
Why does my payment need to be verified?

Gift vouchers

Are gift cards available, or only electronic gift vouchers?
Do gift vouchers have an expiry date?
Does the gift voucher recipient need an e-mail address?
Can a gift voucher be returned?

Redeeming a gift voucher

My code isn't working
What happens if I lose my gift voucher?
Can I give my gift voucher to someone else?
Can I use more than one gift voucher in a single transaction?
Can I use my gift voucher as part payment towards an order alongside a credit/debit card?
If I paid for my order with a gift voucher and want to return it how will my payment be returned?
I want to purchase an item that is less than the value of my gift voucher. What happens to the remaining balance?

Refunds and returns

What is your returns policy?
How do I return my order?
Who do I return my order to?
How long do I have to return it?
When will I be refunded?
Will postage costs be reimbursed?
Can I exchange items for anything else on the site?