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Match Fishing June 2022

Match Fishing June 2022
Match Fishing June 2022
What's in the latest issue of the best selling Match Fishing magazine .... More details...
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Match Fishing June

Former World Champion Tom Pickering has made it on to the front cover of the June issue and inside you can learn from the master on how to get carp out when youíre fishing a feeder tight to snags. How you play a fish as soon as itís hooked can often determine the outcome of the battle and Tommy has some great tips to help you with this.

Also inside the June issue you can read Andy Powerís account of a match fishing month that most of us can only dream about. Andy puts so much effort into his fishing and living down in Somerset, he does as many miles (if not more) than anyone chasing those lucrative qualifying places in big-money finals. Youíll have to read the magazine to find out what happened, but itís fair to say that his hard work has paid off.

We also have an excellent piece from Matt Godfrey who recalls his recent trip to Hungary to fish the WalterLand Masters on the awesome Szeged Rowing Course. And of course, thereís plenty more from the likes of Darren Cox, Brad Parkes, Will Raison, Steve Ringer, Andy May, Rob Perkins, Lee Werrett, Tony Curd, John Brooks, May Potter and Kye Jerrom.

Tackle-wise thereís plenty in our New Gear section as well as closer looks at Daiwaís Tournament SLR Feeder rod, Middyís MX-Series luggage and we have an exclusive preview of Garbolinoís much anticipated new range of poles. Finally, there are three Westlake pole rollers worth £259.97 up for grabs in our latest competition.


The Perfect Combination

The Method feeder is the number-one choice on many commercial venues and rightly so, in the right hands itís deadly. But what do you do on those days when the fish donít want that sort of presentation? Brad Parkes is the man with the answers.

Master Deep Margins

Itís the time of year when margin fishing really comes to the fore in every match anglerís plan on commercials. But what happens if your margins are deep? Darren Cox shows you what to do.

The Finer Technique Of Pellet Waggler Fishing

Will Raisonís distance pellet waggler tactics are not for the lazy angler, as you have to keep the work rate up to reap the rewards.

Catching Bream Off The Bottom

There are few finer feeder anglers than Steve Ringer and here heís showing you the best way to catch bream that are feeding well off the bottom.

Think Hard, Fish Hard

Most anglers associate hard pellet fishing with F1s and carp, but Lee Werrett has had success using these baits for skimmers. Hereís how he does itÖ

For Big Weights, Turn To Casters

Pellets have caught uncountable numbers of F1s over the years, but MAPís May Potter reckons that to catch them in abundance, you need to use casters and hereís why.