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Total Carp August 2021

Total Carp August 2021
Total Carp August 2021
SKU: TC_Aug_2021

Carp fishing is full of highs and lows Ė it can be a roller coaster of emotions thatís for sure, and itís only accentuated while trying to do it live for the cameras, as Ian Russell realised while trying to stalk a Wraysbury carp! It was touch and go, but Ian did what he does best and pulled it out of the bag at the last moment!

At the other end of the scale, sometimes you canít put a foot wrong. We visited Dave Levy on the banks of his Essex club water to put together his Eureka Moments and ended up having to wind his rods in to get our work done! Catching chunk after chunk (including this monthís cover fish), it only cemented in our minds Levyís angling know-how and in the feature he lays down seven of his greatest game changers Ė this is certainly one not to be missed.

On the topic of regular features itís Myles Gibsonís turn to spill the beans in his Big-Carp Mind-Set, revealing how heís gone about catching his latest whacker from a big ski lakeÖ and when we say whacker this really is something to behold. If youíve got a water overrun with tench and bream, Mylesí little edge could be just the ticket for you!

Carp fishing often comes down to these little tricks and edges; the little percentages that put the odds back in our favour. Thankfully Adam Penning returns this month with not just a little edge, but one he believes is a serious revelation and thatís hook sharpening. Itís a full guide on how to do it, just like Penning!

Thereís loads more too, from baiting advice from Chilly and Cashy to Jimmy Armstrongís floater tips and of course, Alan Blairís monthly Road TripÖ and thatís not to mention the beast of a gear section in this 172-page bumper issue!

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