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Match Fishing - July 2021

Match Fishing - July 2021
Match Fishing - July 2021
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Des Shipp is on the cover of our July issue and what a session he had at the mighty Llandegfedd Reservoir…

The ‘Deggy’ is massive and Des used all his knowledge and experience to catch a net of hybrids that you’ll rarely see caught on other venues in the UK. With more matches being run on large reservoirs because of the rise in popularity of feeder fishing, Des offers some top advice and tactics for tackling these huge expanses of water.

Also, Welsh international Richie Tomala tackles deep water using slider tactics, Richard Chave makes a rare visit to a commercial silver fish match and Will Raison gets aggressive with his natural bait approach for F1s. Amer Jawad sorts out the quality fish on Lake Ewart, Rich Wilson shows how he approaches feeder matches on stillwaters, Stu Redman is whip fishing for roach and Andy May visits Cob House Fishery in Worcestershire. There’s also plenty more from Andy Power, Dan White, Darren Cox, Andy Findlay, Matt Godfrey and Billy Makin.

We’ve also got plenty of tackle including the Daiwa Matchwinner MW1 Power Margin pole, Preston Innovations’ new wheel kit and some excellent new distance feeder rods from MAP. And, thanks to MAP, we’ve got three of those distance feeder rods to give away (and a reel with each rod) in another great exclusive Match Fishing competition.

Editor’s picks….

Slide Your Way To Success

The slider float is often dismissed as being too complicated but Richie Tomala wants to repel that myth.

Taming Tamar’s Skimmers

Darren Cox has recently returned from a four-day feeder only festival at Tamar Reservoir and shares some valuable lessons he learnt there.

Hybrid Theory

Des Shipp is at Llandegfedd Reservoir for a feeder fishing session on this huge expanse of water.

Rich Pickings

Rich Wilson shows us his two-pronged feeder approach.

Venue Detective

Andy May travels to Worcestershire to check out Cob House Fishery, now under new management.

Separate The Wheat From The Chaff

Avoiding small fry is the key to catching better quality fish, as Amer Jawad demonstrates.

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