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Match Fishing - December 2020

Match Fishing - December 2020
Match Fishing - December 2020
SKU: MF_Dec_2020
Our December issue is as rammed as Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve! Here’s what’s inside…

COVER STORY: Changing Places

Darren Cox exploits the current explosion of small skimmers at Barston Lakes and reveals how he calculates his required catch rate.

Andy Power’s Diary

Andy reports from the Daiwa Pole Fishing Masters.

Silvers On Naturals – The Modern Way
Dan White targets silver fish on natural baits, using a modern slant.

Roach Royalty
Bradley Gibbons’ approach to catching Royal Berkshire Fishery’s head of crafty, quality roach.

Feast Or Famine
Danny Ashington shows us why anglers fall in love with the River Wye in Hereford.

Winter Wisdom
Tom Pickering’s best winter advice to keep you catching in the cold.

It’s In The Detail

No Lee Kerry so we asked Joe Carass to talk to us about rods.

Dynamite Bait Clinic

Matt’s Month
Matt Godfrey’s caught plenty this month!

Browning Hotrods

Kye Jerrom on another busy month for his Hotrods team.

Makin’s Memories

More tales from Billy Makin


Keep It Tight And Tidy

Sean Cameron shows why you shouldn’t be afraid to use stickymag in a feeder.

Beat The Tow, Win Some Dough
We follow Steve Ringer on a midweek match in the depths of winter.

Venue Detective

Andy May tackles Lake Five at Makins with a couple of feeder rods.

Feeder Essentials
We check out the new Ignition range of feeder rods from Preston Innovations.


Never Give Up

Des Shipp fishes the pole and pellet.

Planning For A Bonus

England U20 international Josh Newman targets silver fish.

Build It And They Will Come
On coloured rivers there are few methods better than the pole feeder…

Tackle & Competitions:

Up Close: Hayabusa
Up Close: Browning
New Gear: Plenty of tackle to put on your Christmas list!
New Gear Preview: Daiwa
Fjuka bait and a copy of Tom Pickering’s ‘Born To Win’ book.
Price: £4.60
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