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Match Fishing - May 2021

Match Fishing - May 2021
Match Fishing - May 2021

Steve Barraclough is on the cover of the May issue and we decided to join him on his first match back after lockdown.

He was fishing the two-day silver fish festival at Woodland Lakes, Thirsk, and it couldn’t have gone any better on day one for the Browning sponsored angler. We followed his match from start to finish so you can see how he won his first match back.

Elsewhere we join Sean Cameron who shows why a pint of pellets is all you need for fishing the pellet waggler at this of year, Welsh international Richie Tomala is your guide to fishing with various types of leam and Alex Dockerty recalls his win in the recent Golden Rod final.

We also have features with Glen Picton, Dan Webb, Joe Carass and Richard Chave as well as features from regular contributors Darren Cox, Nick Speed, Andy Power, Matt Godfrey, Andy May and Billy Makin.

There’s plenty of new gear, including close-ups of Guru’s new RSW seatbox and Shimano’s Vanford reel and Aero X5 Distance Feeder rod and you can also win one of three pairs of Colmic Skydek reels, worth £590!

Editor's Picks

Against The Clock
We travel to Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk, to follow Steve Barraclough as he tackles his first match back after lockdown.
Leam On Me
Leams and soils have earned a reputation of being only used in the winter, but Evolved Baits backed and Welsh International angler Richie Tomala uses them all year round.
Tuning In
Nick Speed visits his favourite Damflask Reservoir to explain how important it is to keep in touch with a venue’s changing moods if you are to be successful in matches.
Match Practice - Feeder Style
Feeder only matches are growing in popularity throughout the country and we decided to follow Darren Cox as he practiced for one of these specialist events at Decoy Lakes.
A Level Playing Field?
What do you do if your peg doesn’t plumb up perfectly flat? Joe Carass has the solution.

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