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Match Fishing Live Volumes 1 to 6

Match Fishing Live Volumes 1 to 6
Match Fishing Live Volumes 1 to 6
SKU: DHP_039
Brand: DHP Ltd
BRAND NEW! This six-DVD gift set comprises the first six episodes of the live action version of the sport's bible - Match Fishing. Winning tactics from six of the game's top names. More details...
Price: 19.99
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Product Details
Follow six of the sport's top performers in live match action! The six disc set comprises full DVDs from:

Rob Wootton - F1s and Carp at Lindholme

Darren Cox - Bream on the feeder at Grimsbury Reservoir

Jamie Hughes - Winning on snake lakes from Heronbrook

Pemb Wrighting - Bomb, Feeder and Pole Tactics at Makins Fishery

Callum Dicks - Mixed Bag Magic at Packington Somers

Andy Bennett - Winter Carp and F1s on the Pole at Partridge Lakes.

Start to finish, highlights of the star's performance on the day in question. Showing all their decisions and explaining every change.

As close as you can get to sitting on the seatbox with the ace!