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FAQs - Redeeming a gift voucher

My voucher code isn't working?
Codes are case sensitive so please check caps lock isn't on and try again. Or you can contact us click here.
What happens if I lose my gift voucher?
Please contact the person who gave you the voucher and ask them to reissue you with the voucher code. If they have an account they can find the code under the ‘My orders' section of their account.
Can I give my gift voucher to someone else?
Yes – anyone can use the gift voucher as long as they have a valid voucher code.
Can I use more than one gift voucher in a single transaction?
Yes – you will be given the option of adding a number of voucher codes if necessary. You can also pay by a combination of gift voucher and credit/debit card payment.
Can I use my gift voucher as part payment towards an order alongside a credit/debit card?
Yes – you will need to apply the voucher code first and pay the balance with your credit/debit card.
If I paid for my order with a gift voucher and want to return it how will my payment be returned?
Refunds will be made by the same method with which they were originally paid. If you paid the full amount with a gift voucher, the refund will be credited to your account to be used towards your next purchase with us. If you paid with a combination of a gift voucher and credit/debit card, your payment card will be refunded (up to the amount originally taken), and the remainder will be returned to your account to be used towards your next purchase with us.
I want to purchase an item that is less than the value of my gift voucher. What happens to the remaining balance?
When the amount available on the gift voucher is lower or equal to the total products purchased, the gift voucher is classed as fully redeemed and can no longer be used. You will therefore have no remaining balance.